The most impressive venue in Cancun

In Cancun there is a place with impressive design and architecture that stands out from the rest. It's not a restaurant, it's not a nightclub, Confessions is a unique jungle bar in the city with impressive spaces that will make you experience the best nights of your life. 

Although we love the venues in Tulum and Los Cabos, the Cancun facility is without a doubt, one of the most spectacular, Confessions has to offer. 

The concept of Confessions is to bring the jungle closer to you in every way, from its decoration, music and mixology inspired by Tulum nights. This destination has a great influence on the Confessions concept; there is something eclectic and seductive about Tulum's nights that makes everyone fall in love. 

Its international atmosphere, vibrant DJ beats, neon lights, palm trees and energetic nights attract travelers and party lovers from all over the world. Confessions Cancun was created to combine party and electronic music in the same place and relive the Tulum experience in the hotel zone.

Its spaces are exciting and a tribute to the dense Tulum jungle, its rustic dome is one of the most original and distinctive structures of the Bohemian Square. 

Confessions is amazing inside out, plus every week you can enjoy a different line-up and every season you can experience incredible performances by talented local and international DJs.  

In addition to the music you can taste their signature mixology, created with premium distillates, natural extracts and fresh ingredients. Enjoy their creative presentations and sip the best cocktails in Cancun. After dancing and drinking, a late snack always feels right. Explore our international flavors with our tapas, with cold and fresh options, as well as hot tapas. Don't leave without trying: sea tartar, Greek meatballs, jabugo croquettes or our mini burgers. Truth to be told, everything on the menu is exquisite, you can find classic recipes loved by everybody, prepared with premium ingredients, to offer your palate a feast. 

Check our social networks and website frequently to find out about upcoming events and come and live new stories at Confessions Cancun.